The best games presented at the Spiel 1987 game fair in Essen, Germany 2024

Are you looking for a good new game? We have compared all the games presented at the game fair "Spiel 1987" in Essen and listed the top100.

Game fair in the German city of Essen

The International Game Days "SPIEL", often called the Essen Game Fair or Essen 1987 after the city where it is held, is an annual four-day board game fair that is also open to the public. Many new games are released at the fair each year, especially (but not exclusively) European-style board games.

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Spiel-Messe Essen from other years

The Essen Game Fair has been held since 1983, we have listed for you both across all game years and listed separately by year at the bottom of the page.

List with the top100 new releases of Spiel'87:

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any clear clues as to which games were newly introduced at Spiel'87. If you have any tips for us, we would be very happy to receive a list with the games presented at the game fair:

This list was last updated on April 18, 2024. We compared 7 board games for this list and selected the top 4. There's also a print version for this list.
  1. Bandu

    All details for the board game Bandu and similar games

    Bausack is a unique and engaging game that combines elements of strategy, dexterity, and auctioning. Players challenge each other to build precarious structures using a variety of uniquely shaped wooden blocks. The game tests your architectural skills and your ability to make strategic decisions under pressure. Players must balance the risk and reward of accepting or refusing blocks, using 'beans' as currency in auctions to influence decisions. The game ends when a player's structure collapses, leaving the last player standing as the winner.

    Nominated for 2 awards and won 2.

    More details for Bandu
    • 2 - 8 Players
    • 15 - 45 Minutes
    • 7+ years old
    • Immediately playable
  2. Ben Hur

    All details for the board game Ben Hur and similar games
    • 2 - 6 Players
    • 90 Minutes
    • 10+ years old
    • Easy to learn
  3. Zug nach Westen

    All details for the board game Zug nach Westen and similar games
    • 2 - 4 Players
    • 45 Minutes
    • 8+ years old
    • Easy to learn
  4. Aladdins Erbe

    All details for the board game Aladdins Erbe and similar games
    • 2 - 4 Players
    • 90 Minutes
    • 12+ years old

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