The best games released in 1959πŸ“† 2024

Looking for a really good game from the year 1959? Then we have just the thing for you: our recommendation list with the best board games that were newly released in 1959.

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List of the best new games releases in 1959:

This list was last updated on July 8, 2024. There's also a print version for this list.
  1. Diplomacy

    All details for the board game Diplomacy and similar games

    Diplomacy is a renowned board game known for its intense negotiation and strategy elements, set in the turbulent period before World War I. This classic game, which has seen various editions and forms over the years, is famous for its pure player-driven diplomacy and strategy.

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    • 2 - 7 Players
    • 360 Minutes
    • 12+ years old
    • Medium difficulty
  2. Memory

    All details for the board game Memory and similar games

    Memory is a classic game of concentration and recall, where players turn over pairs of tiles to find matching images. First solidified in its modern form by Ravensburger in 1959, the game has historical roots extending back to Japan in the 16th century. Known by various names worldwide such as Pairs, Pelmanism, Concentration, and Pexeso in the Czech Republic, the game challenges players to remember the locations of different tiles.

    Nominated for 1 award.

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    • 2 - 6 Players
    • 30 Minutes
    • 3+ years old
    • Immediately playable
  3. Risk

    All details for the board game Risk and similar games

    Risk is a classic board game known for its global war theme and mass appeal. It offers a blend of strategy, luck, and diplomacy, making it one of the most popular war games in the world.

    Nominated for 1 award.

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    • 2 - 6 Players
    • 120 Minutes
    • 10+ years old
    • Easy to learn
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