The best games where you can draft cards 🃏 2023

Looking for a really good card drafting game 🃏? Then we have just the thing for you: the list of the best card drafting games 2023.

What are card drafting games?

Card drafting games are games in which players can select cards (or other game objects) from a limited subset, such as a common pool. The goal is to gain an advantage (immediate or long term) or to assemble hands of cards to achieve certain goals within the game. Saint Petersburg is a well-known card-selecting game.

Card drafting ist sometimes called "card selecting".

Differentiation from normal, simple card-drawing games

Games where cards are simply drawn from a deck are not card drafting. Drafting/Selecting implies that players have some choice and opportunity to draw a card that another player might want. This allows the other players to miss out on something they may have wanted. For example, in Ticket to Ride, players can choose to draw cards from the face-up display. Although most cards in Ticket to Ride are drawn randomly from the deck, it is also a card drafting game.

Card drafting does not only apply to cards

The term "card drafting" can be applied to games in which players draw tokens or other similar items instead of cards. The term "cards" here represents a collection of game objects.

List of the best card drafting games 2023 🃏

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