The best games in which you have to draft 2023

Looking for a game that doesn't rely purely on chance? Then we have just the thing: The 0 best games in which you have to draw. These are so called "drafting" games.

What are drafting games?

Drafting is a means of distributing cards (Wingspan), dice (That's Pretty Clever), tokens (Azul), or other game elements to players through an orderly selection process.

A typical implementation is that each player receives the same number of cards, for example. The players then choose one card to keep. They pass the rest to their left, for example. This continues until all cards are taken. 7 Wonders uses this kind of/drafting.

Alternative ways to draft game elements

One alternative is to deal cards to only one player. This player then takes a card and passes it on until all players have cards. This is, of course, heavily biased towards the first player and needs to be supported thematically and in a balanced way. Without Fear and Nobility/Citadels has this type of drafting.

Open drafting

Another type is "open drafting", where players are shown all options - and each player takes turns choosing. This is similar to action selection/action drafting or worker placement.

List of Best Drafting Games 2023

This list was last updated on November 27, 2023. There's also a print version for this list.

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